On Demand is an expansion of your existing Logz.io plan, allowing you to ingest and analyze data past your daily volume limit. In addition, On Demand makes sure you have access to your logs, metrics, traces and SIEM when you need them, regardless of your daily volume.

Q: How will I know when I am using more data than my plan allows?

A: You will have two options to track your On Demand usage. First, you can navigate to the Plan and Billing page. Under the usage tab you can see your previous usage in the last 30 days. Second, you can use the new utilization log to track current day consumption, or use the dashboard that is connected to that utilization log.

Q: When will my account start paying for On Demand?

A: On Demand charges started on June 10, 2022. The On Demand volume will be any usage above the daily plan. For example, if your daily plan is 10GB, and you send us 12GB in a day you will be charged for 2GB overage for that day.

Q: How do you calculate On Demand?

A: For customers paying by credit card, On Demand will be calculated daily and will be charged at the end of your billing cycle. For customers paying by wire transfer, it will depend on your contract. Contact your account manager with questions.

Q: When will the On Demand charges take place?

A: For customers paying monthly, the On Demand usage will be added to your scheduled monthly payment. For customers paying annually or quarterly, the On Demand usage will be charged on a separate billing cycle on the first of each month.

Q: How is On Demand pricing calculated?

A: On Demand pricing is calculated based on your plan’s cost per 1GB of overage with 40% additional charge. Contact your account manager for the specific charges associated with your account.

Q: Can I limit or turn off On Demand pricing?

A: Yes. Contact your account manager or support to discuss your options.

Q: How will limiting or turning off On Demand pricing affect our account?

A: In case of overage, the account will not get blocked. You have the option to decide if you want to get blocked when reaching the max daily plan or to continue sending volume and be charged for On Demand.

Q: Can I limit On Demand pricing on a per-sub account basis?

A: For fixed plans you can decide per sub account if you want to allow On Demand or not. For flexible accounts you can limit the sub account usage by setting a cap on the account.

Q: Will limiting On Demand pricing have any effect on performance?

A: No, performance is based on the rate in which the logs arrive and not on total consumption. This means that if your rate is much higher than usual it will affect the ingestion time, whether you are using OnDemand or not.