This dashboard provides an interface to view and analyze metrics from your Nginx services.

Metric visualization Metric name Description
Number Of Active Clients nginx_active Number of active nginx clients.
Connections Attempts Rate nginx_accepts Rate of connection attempts to nginx clients.
Dropped Connections Rate nginx_accepts, nginx_handled Rate of connection attempts to nginx clients versus the number of handled connections.
Total Requests nginx_requests Total number of requests to nginx clients.
Connection Status Rates nginx_accepts, nginx_handled Status rates of accepted and handled connections.
Requests Rate nginx_requests Rate of requests made to nginx clients.
Connections State Rate nginx_waiting, nginx_writing, nginx_reading Waiting, writing and reading connections to nginx clients.
Memory Utilization mem_used_percent Used memory in percentage
Memory Usage mem_total, mem_used Memory used versus memory total
CPU Utilization cpu_usage_idle CPU usage
CPU Load system_n_cpus, system_load1, system_load5, system_load15 Number of cpus including the indicators of the run queue (1, 5 and 15 minutes load average).
Disk Utilization disk_used, disk_total Disk space used versus the total disk space.
Network Traffic Rate net_bytes_recv, net_bytes_sent Rate of network traffic received and sent.