This dashboard provides an interface to view and analyze metrics from your Amazon SES.

Metric visualization Metric name Description
Average Number Of Emails Sent aws_ses_send_average Average number of emails sent.
Delivery Success Rate aws_ses_delivery_sum/aws_ses_send_sum Total number of emails successfully delivered versus the total number of emails sent.
Messages That Resulted In Hard Bounces aws_ses_reputation_bounce_rate_sum Messages resulted in hard bounces.
Messages That Recipients Reported As Spam aws_ses_reputation_complaint_rate_sum Messages reported as spam by recipients.
Email deliveries aws_ses_delivery_sum, aws_ses_send_sum Total number of emails successfully delivered and sent
Email Rejects And Bounces aws_ses_bounce_sum, aws_ses_reject_sum The total number of emails that resulted in a bounce versus rejected send attempts.