Logz.io self-purchase customers can update their billing info and payment method through Stripe’s Logz.io portal.

This section is relevant to Logz.io’s self-purchase plan. If you have a different plan, contact the Support team to update your billing info.

Open your Logz.io account

Log into your Logz.io account and navigate to the Plan and usage page.

Find Billing info on the left menu, and click on Update.

update billing

You’ll be redirected to Stripe’s portal.

Update your billing info

Once inside Stripe’s portal, you’ll get a quick overview of your plan:

Stripe portal

From this portal, you can:

  • View your plan’s renewal date.
  • Update or replace your payment method. To delete an existing payment method, you first need to add a new one.
  • Update your billing information or change your email address for invoices.
  • View and download invoices.

For further assistance, you can contact Logz.io’s Support team.