Monitor your infrastructure metrics to gain a clear picture of the ongoing status of your distributed cloud services at all times. Metrics lets your team curate a handy roster of dashboards to oversee continuous deployment, CI/CD pipelines, and prevent outages, manage incidents, and remediate crashes in multi-microservice environments, hybrid infrastructures, and complex tech stacks.

Use Metrics to continuously monitor your system’s health and help you maintain system performance, speed, and resilience, and address problematic trends when they first appear - and before they become critical and threaten crashes or system outages.

Showcased Metrics dashboard

Leverage infrastructure metrics

DevOps engineers:

  • Predict potential issues before users are affected
  • Identify issues before they become critical
  • Pinpoint critical production issues and process crashes
  • Catch performance degradations earlier
  • Isolate the root cause effectively
  • Get notified automatically about issues demanding immediate attention
  • Report about the system status without any hassle
  • Hand off tasks between team members with full transparency and effective knowledge sharing

Site Reliability Engineers:

  • Monitor baseline metrics to keep systems stable and dependable
  • Reduce infrastructure and cloud costs
  • Forecast capacity needs reliably
  • Develop and implement system-specific processes
  • Review capacity planning forecasts