This dashboard provides an interface to view and analyze system metrics from your machine collected by Telegraf.

Metric visualization Metric name Description
CPU utilization cpu_usage_idle The percentage of time that the CPU is idle.
Memory Utilization cpu_usage_idle The percentage of memory currently in use.
Disk utilization disk_used, disk_total Used space on the disks / total space
Uptime system_uptime System uptime
Number of cores system_n_cpus CPU core number
Used memory mem_used How much memory is currently used
Total memory mem_total Total memory
Used disk space disk_used Disk spaced used capacity
Total disk space disk_total Disk space total capacity
CPU load system_n_cpus, system_load1, system_load5, system_load15 Number of cpus including the indicators of the run queue (1, 5 and 15 minutes load average).
Disk Bytes Read/Write net_bytes_sent, net_bytes_recv The number of bytes read from and written to the disks.
Network Bytes In/Out net_bytes_sent, net_bytes_recv The number of bytes sent and received by the network interface.
Processes Status (Not Available In Windows) processes_blocked, processes_stopped, processes_idle, processes_running, processes_sleeping, processes_unknown, processes_zombies Processes blocked, stopped, idle, running, sleeping, unknown and zombie processes.