Retention is a major factor that impacts the cost of your Log Management plan. If you are looking for ways to extend log retention and maximize cost savings, Smart Tier may be a good solution for your needs. Smart Tier is a cost-effective data storage solution. Unlike Hot-Warm storage architectures, Smart Tier offers cost reduction without increasing query latency or retrieval times. Instead, Smart Tier reduces costs by using cheaper storage solutions for data replication. Learn more in our blog 🔗 Data Tiering

To help optimize costs, you can choose where to store your logs:

  • Real-time tier - Offers high performance and high availability to your log storage and critical data. Your most recent data is stored and replicated in Hot instances to guarantee top real-time performance.
  • Smart tier - Offers high-performance and cost-efficient log storage for aging logs. It offers the same real-time querying performance as the Real-time tier for less recent data. Data availability is guaranteed at a 97% SLA.
  • Historical tier - Offers long-term storage for logs that age out of your plan’s retention policy by archiving them in S3/Azure Blob. You can restore the logs to at any time. Learn more

97% availability - guaranteed

As a user, most of the time, there is no difference between the experience of querying the Real-time tier and Smart tier data.

The only time the difference might become noticeable is on the rare occasion when you try to query a specific Smart tier data segment at the same time that it is being recovered from a replica. However, this coincidence is statistically rare enough for the trade-off between availability and cost to be competitive.

Data integrity

Smart tier does not compromise data integrity.

Replicas ensure no data is lost to the same standard as the Real-time tier. The only consequence is that Smart tier data replicas are not as highly available for immediate querying in OpenSearch Dashboards.

Since data replicas are only queried when a primary data center is temporarily down, the effects are likely to be minimal. Most of the time, replicas are a fail-safe precautionary measure that you as a user do not interact with.

Smart tier does not increase latency

Smart tier does not increase query latency and will not slow your workflow. Unlike other hot-warm architectures, Smart tier cuts costs by maintaining replicas on warm storage.

OpenSearch Dashboards search and query performance will be the same as you are used to from the top, Hot tier experience.