This dashboard provides an interface to view and analyze metrics from your EC2 instances.

Metric visualization Metric name Description
CPU utilization aws_ec2_cpuutilization_average The percentage of allocated EC2 compute units that are currently in use on the instance.
Running instances aws_ec2_cpuutilization_average Count of running EC2 instances
Network bytes I/O aws_ec2_network_in_average, aws_ec2_network_out_average The number of bytes received and sent out by the instance on all network interfaces.
Network packets I/O aws_ec2_network_packets_in_average, aws_ec2_network_packets_out_average The number of packets received and sent out by the instance on all network interfaces.
Disk io Read/write aws_ec2_disk_read_bytes_average, aws_ec2_disk_write_bytes_average Bytes read from and written to all instance store volumes available to the instance.
CPU credit balance aws_ec2_cpucredit_balance_average The number of earned CPU credits that an instance has accrued since it was launched or started.
CPU credit usage aws_ec2_cpucredit_usage_average The number of CPU credits spent by the instance for CPU utilization.
Status check failed aws_ec2_status_check_failed_sum Reports whether the instance has passed both the instance status check and the system status check in the last minute.