Change your configuration within Opsgenie to receive notifications for resolved metrics alerts.

This feature is not available on free Opsgenie accounts.

Define or modify a integration in Opsgenie

To define a new integration or modify an existing integration in Opsgenie:

  1. In Opsgenie, navigate to the Teams tab.

    Opsgenie teams

  2. Select your metrics team.

    Opsgenie pick team

  3. Select Integrations in the left menu.

    Opsgenie left menu

  4. Select the existing metrics integration you want to change, or click Add integration, then select and add a metrics integration.

    Opsgenie integration

  5. Click Advanced.

    Opsgenie advanced

    The fields for a metrics resolved alert are filled automatically.

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save Integration.

    Opsgenie save

When updating an existing integration, after clicking Save integration, you may be asked to confirm the switch to advanced mode: Click Proceed.

Opsgenie confirm fields shared with Opsgenie

The following fields are sent to Opsgenie when an Opsgenie alert is triggered:

Field Description
alert_alias Unique identifier for a alert. Used to close resolved alerts
alert_event_type Notifies Opsgenie to open or close an alert
alert_details Specifies account name and alert samples
alert_view_link Specifies the link to the dashboard where the alert was triggered
alert_title Alert title
alert_description Alert message
alert_severity Alert severity
Field value examples
"alert_title": "httpcode200test alert",
"alert_description": "http code is 200",
"alert_severity": "MEDIUM",
"alert_alias": "12345...",
"alert_event_type": "create",
"alert_details": {
	"Account": "Account Name" ,
	"alert_event_samples": "Sample 1 event out of 1"
"alert_view_link": ""