This dashboard provides an interface to view and analyze metrics from your Mongo databases.

Metric visualization Metric name Description
Host uptime mongodb_uptime_ns Number of seconds that the mongos or mongod process has been active.
Number of nodes mongodb_col_stats_ok Number of nodes in the cluster.
Queries per second mongodb_queries_per_sec Number of queries made per second.
Number of collections mongodb_col_stats_ok Number of database collections
Memory usage ongodb_resident_megabytes Amount of memory currently used by the database process.
Replication lag mongodb_repl_lag Delay between a write operation on the primary and its copy to a secondary.
Current connections mongodb_connections_current Number of connections to the database server from clients.
Connections utilization mongodb_connections_current, mongodb_connections_available Number of connections to the database server from clients relative to the number of unused available incoming connections the database can provide.
Average object size mongodb_db_stats_avg_obj_size The average size of each document in bytes.
Storage size mongodb_db_stats_storage_size Total amount of space allocated to collections in this database for document storage.
Index size mongodb_db_stats_index_size Total size of all indexes created on this database.
Data size mongodb_db_stats_data_size Total size of the data held in this database including the padding factor.
Number of objects mongodb_db_stats_objects Number of objects (documents) in the database across all collections.
Number of extents mongodb_db_stats_num_extents Contains a count of the number of extents in the database across all collections.
Number of indexes mongodb_db_stats_indexes Total number of indexes across all collections in the database.
Number of collections mongodb_db_stats_collections Contains a count of the number of collections in that database.
Number of connections mongodb_connections_current, mongodb_connections_available, mongodb_connections_total_created Number of current, available and created connections.
Used memory mongodb_resident_megabytes, mongodb_vsize_megabytes Amount of memory currently used by the database process including the virtual memory size.
Network traffic mongodb_net_in_bytes, mongodb_net_out_bytes The number of bytes that reflects the amount of network traffic received and sent by this database.
Operations counters (database and replications) mongodb_repl_deletes_per_sec, mongodb_repl_inserts_per_sec, mongodb_repl_updates_per_sec, mongodb_repl_getmores_per_sec, mongodb_repl_commands_per_sec Number of the following operations: Delete, Insert, Update, Getmore, Command
Operation latencies mongodb_latency_commands, mongodb_latency_reads, mongodb_latency_writes Latency statistics for read, write and db command requests.
Server assertions mongodb_assert_msg, mongodb_assert_regular, mongodb_assert_rollovers, mongodb_assert_user, mongodb_assert_warning Number per second, of: Message assertions, Regular assertions, Times that the rollover counters roll over, User assertions raised, Warnings raised
Bytes read/write mongodb_wtcache_bytes_read_into, mongodb_wtcache_bytes_written_from WiredTiger internal cache bytes read into and written from
Pages read/write mongodb_wtcache_pages_read_into, mongodb_wtcache_pages_written_from WiredTiger internal cache pages read into and written from