This dashboard provides an interface to view and analyze metrics from your MySQL databases.

Metric visualization Metric name Description
MySQL uptime mysql_uptime The number of seconds that the server has been up.
Queries per second mysql_queries The number of statements executed by the server.
Open connections mysql_threads_connected The number of currently open connections.
Failed connections attempts mysql_aborted_connects The number of failed attempts to connect to the MySQL server.
InnoDB buffer pool bytes mysql_innodb_buffer_pool_bytes_data The total number of bytes in the InnoDB buffer pool containing data.
InnoDB Buffer Pool Free Pages Percent mysql_innodb_buffer_pool_pages_free, mysql_innodb_buffer_pool_pages_total The number of free pages in the InnoDB buffer pool divided by the total size of the InnoDB buffer pool, in pages.
Command rates mysql_com_select, mysql_com_update, mysql_com_insert, mysql_com_delete Rates for the following commands: Select, Update, Insert, Delete
Connections rates mysql_max_used_connections, mysql_threads_connected The maximum number of connections that have been in use simultaneously since the server started including the number of currently open connections.
Threads mysql_threads_cached, mysql_threads_connected, mysql_threads_created, mysql_threads_running The number of threads in the thread cache including the number of currently open connections, the number of threads created to handle connections and the number of threads that are not sleeping.
Sorts mysql_sort_rows, mysql_sort_range, mysql_sort_merge_passes, mysql_sort_scan The number of sorted rows, the number of sorts that were done using ranges, the number of sorts that were done by scanning the table and the number of merge passes that the sort algorithm has had to do.
Bytes sent received mysql_bytes_sent, mysql_bytes_received The number of bytes sent to all clients and received from all clients
Innodb reads writes mysql_innodb_data_reads, mysql_innodb_data_writes Number of requests to read the InnoDB buffer pool and write to it.