If you need help in your account that we can’t resolve over chat or email, the Logz.io Support team may access your account to investigate and troubleshoot further.

The Logz.io Support team has access to your account by default, and you can revoke that access if needed.

To manage support access, navigate to > Settings > General > Support access.

Account settings

To disable support access, set the switch to Disabled. If you want to re-enable it, toggle the switch on, choose an expiration period, and click Update.

At the end of this time, support access will disable itself automatically. However, if you set this time period to forever, support access will remain enabled until you disable it or set a new expiration period.

What access am I granting?

Great question!

When you enable support access, you’re granting full administrator permissions to our Support team. This allows us to troubleshoot issues as quickly as possible.

You can disable this access at any time.