Live Tail gives you a live view of your logs as they come into, eliminating the need to SSH into a remote machine.

The live tail configuration is set to close the session after 10 minutes of inactivity. “Inactivity” is defined as either the system not finding the specified log you’ve filtered for within 10 minutes or the user not interacting with the page during that same period.

Start, stop, scroll, and clear

  • Click Logs > Live tail
  • To start Live Tail, press (play).
  • To display only filtered results, type a regex in the Match and Ignore boxes and press Enter. Log lines that meet your Match and Ignore criteria are shown in real time. More on the parsed data view below. 👇
  • To end the Live Tail session, press (stop).
  • To pause, scroll with your mouse or trackpad. The session remains active and logs continue to load, but scrolling is paused. To go to the bottom of the tail and resume scrolling, press (scroll).
  • To clear the Live Tail view, click (clear).

The Raw data view shows the value of the log message fields as they enter the log management queue.
To view a live tail of logs without the message field, use the Parsed data view.

Find and highlight terms

  • To show all instances of a term in yellow, use the Find box.
  • To highlight different phrases, click (settings), and then type the word or phrase you want to highlight. Click on a highlighted term to remove it.

Work in parsed data view

The parsed data view divides logs into columns, saving you from having to visually scan entire lines of raw text. When you first switch to parsed data view, you’ll see the @timestamp and message columns.

  • To add a new column, click (to the right of the table heading row), choose a field to show in the new column, and click Apply.
  • To remove a column, hover over the column header and click .
  • To move a column left or right, hover over the column header and click or .
  • To add a new filter to your session, click Add a filter, choose a field and filter condition, and then click Apply. Click a filter to edit it, or click on that filter to remove it.


In case you encounter the following error when trying to use Live Tail:

Error: The amount of logs you've asked to tail is too large, please refine your filter. [6429]

It indicates that the buffer is running at high speed, and the browser can’t process and display the data. Refine your search using filters as shown in the previous section to resolve it. If you’ve added filters but still encounter an issue when running Live Tail, contact the Support team for additional help.