This dashboard provides an interface to view and analyze metrics from your Apache Cassandra databases.

Metric visualization Metric name Description
Client Read Average Duration cassandra_ClientRequest_Latency_Mean Mean of read operations since server start.
Client Write Average Duration cassandra_ClientRequest_Latency_Mean Mean of write operations since server start.
Pending Compactions cassandra_Compaction_PendingTasks_Value Total value of compaction tasks in the queue
Thread Pool Blocked Task cassandra_ThreadPools_CurrentlyBlockedTasks_Count Tasks that are currently blocked from processing
JVM Heap Usage java_Memory_HeapMemoryUsage_used, java_Memory_HeapMemoryUsage_max Heap memory used in relation to the maximum heap memory.
Unavailable Exceptions cassandra_ClientRequest_Unavailables_Count Requests for which the required nodes were unavailable
Read Requests cassandra_ClientRequest_Latency_Count Read response time.
Write Requests cassandra_ClientRequest_Latency_Count Write response time.
Read Latency (99th%) cassandra_ClientRequest_Latency_99thPercentile 99th percentile of Cassandra transactional read latency
Write Latency (99th%) cassandra_ClientRequest_Latency_99thPercentile 99th percentile of Cassandra transactional write latency
Cache Hit Rate cassandra_Cache_HitRate_Value Rate of the number of cache hits to the number of lookups
Occupied Cache Size cassandra_Cache_Size_Value Total size of occupied cache
Pending Compactions Tasks cassandra_Compaction_PendingTasks_Value Number of compactions tasks in the queue.
Completed Compactions Tasks cassandra_Compaction_CompletedTasks_Value Number of compactions tasks completed.
Bytes Compacted cassandra_Compaction_BytesCompacted_Count Total number of bytes compacted since server [re]start.
SSTable Accessed Per Read cassandra_ColumnFamily_SSTablesPerReadHistogram_99thPercentile 99th percentile of the Histogram of the number of sstable data files accessed per single partition read
Disk Usage cassandra_ColumnFamily_LiveDiskSpaceUsed_Count Live disk space used.
Top 5 Size Tables cassandra_Storage_Load_Count Top 5 size tables for the Storage used for Cassandra data in bytes
Total Disk Usage cassandra_Storage_Load_Count Total disk usage for the Storage used for Cassandra data in bytes
Number Of Active Tasks cassandra_ThreadPools_ActiveTasks_Value Current number of active tasks
Number Of Completed Tasks cassandra_ThreadPools_CompletedTasks_Value Total number of completed tasks
Number Of Tasks That Were Blocked cassandra_ThreadPools_TotalBlockedTasks_Count Total number of blocked tasks
Pending Tasks cassandra_ThreadPools_PendingTasks_Value Total number of pending tasks
Currently Blocked Tasks cassandra_ThreadPools_CurrentlyBlockedTasks_Count Current number of blocked tasks
Heap Memory Used java_Memory_HeapMemoryUsage_used Volume of heap memory used
Non-Heap Memory Used java_Memory_NonHeapMemoryUsage_used Volume of non-heap memory used
Garbage Collection Time java_GarbageCollector_ParNew_CollectionTime, java_GarbageCollector_ConcurrentMarkSweep_CollectionTime Amount of time spent garbage collecting
Garbage Collections java_GarbageCollector_ParNew_CollectionCount, java_GarbageCollector_ConcurrentMarkSweep_CollectionCount Total number of garbage collection events
Exceptions Count cassandra_ClientRequest_Timeouts_Count, cassandra_ClientRequest_Unavailables_Count, cassandra_ClientRequest_Failures_Count Number of request timeouts, request being unavailable and request failures.
Unavailable Exceptions Count cassandra_ClientRequest_Unavailables_Count Number of times when a request is unavailable.
Timeout Exceptions Count cassandra_ClientRequest_Timeouts_Count Number of times there is a request timeout.
Transaction Failures Exceptions Count cassandra_ClientRequest_Failures_Count Number of times there is a request failure.
Storage Exceptions Count cassandra_Storage_Exceptions_Count Number of unhandled exceptions.