This dashboard provides an interface to view and analyze metrics from your Apache Tomcat services.

Metric visualization Metric name Description
Requests Rate tomcat_connector_request_count Requests received by a connector.
Network Tx/Rx Rate tomcat_connector_bytes_sent, tomcat_connector_bytes_received Connector bytes sent and received.
Processing Time Rate tomcat_connector_processing_time Connector processing time.
Average Processing Time tomcat_connector_processing_time Connector processing time versus connector max time.
Max Time tomcat_connector_max_time Connector max time.
Threads tomcat_connector_current_threads_busy, tomcat_connector_current_thread_count, tomcat_connector_max_threads Connector busy, current and max threads.
Idle Threads Percentage tomcat_connector_current_thread_count, tomcat_connector_current_threads_busy Connector current thread count versus current threads busy.
Heap Memory Used tomcat_jvm_memorypool_used JVM memory pool used.
Heap Memory Utilization tomcat_jvm_memorypool_used, tomcat_jvm_memorypool_max JVM memory pool used versus the JVM memory pool max.
Non-Heap Memory Used tomcat_jvm_memorypool_used Used JVM memory pool.
Non-Heap Memory Utilization tomcat_jvm_memorypool_used, tomcat_jvm_memorypool_max Used JVM memory pool versus max JVM memory pool.
Error Count tomcat_connector_error_count Connector error count.