Telemetry Collector is currently available in all regions except for Japan and Australia. If you’re located in these regions, you can use’s data shippers to send your data.

To start sending your AWS data through the Telemetry Collector, Log into your main account, navigate to Send your data, and click on Start collecting.

To configure the Telemetry Collector, you must be logged into your main account.

This integration is only compatible with Amazon Linux version 2 on EC2. The use of version 1 is deprecated.

Start collecting button


The IAM role assigned to the EC2 instance must include the ec2:DescribeTags permission in its policy.

Configure Collector

Select your environment

Select the AWS platform and the relevant sub-type through which you want to send your data.

Select platform

Select data sources

Each AWS environment requires different elements to collect your data.

  • AWS Logs - Select your region, AWS services, and Custom Log Groups.
  • AWS Metrics - Select your region and AWS namespace.
  • EC2 Monitoring - Auto collects the data. uses OpenTelemetry to monitor your EC2.

Select data source

Define your collector

You can edit your collector’s name and description and choose which Logs, Metrics, and Tracing accounts to use. If you don’t have active accounts, you’ll be able to review the newly generated account names before continuing.

Click Generate collector to continue.

Define collector

Optional - Define your EC2 collector

You can configure the data sources the Telemetry Collector will collect. To do so, after choosing the EC2 Monitoring option, click on Advance settings at the top of the page. Next, you can edit and change the location of your logs, and whether you want to monitor both logs and metrics.

configure ec2 data source

Install the Telemetry Collector

Login to your AWS account, launch the AWS stack to run stack configuration and click the Run AWS stack button to activate your collector.

Some platforms might require additional details, such as admin privileges or passwords, to complete the installation. These details are not sent to or stored by

Review collector

It might take a while for the Telemetry Collector to get up and running, after which you’ll be able to view your logs, metrics, or traces and get full observability into your system.

Manage your Telemetry Collector:

To manage an AWS Telemetry Collector on your Linux machine, you can use the following commands:

Collector Binary:   /opt/logzio-agent/logzio-otel-collector/otelcol-logzio-linux_amd64
Collector Config:   /opt/logzio-agent/logzio-otel-collector/otel_config.yaml Agent Logs:   /opt/logzio-agent/logzio_agent.log
Start Service:   sudo systemctl start logzioOTELCollector
Stop Service:   sudo systemctl stop logzioOTELCollector
Delete Service:   sudo /opt/logzio-agent/logzio-otel-collector/delete_service.bash
Show Service:   sudo systemctl | grep logzioOTELCollector
Show Service Logs:   sudo systemctl status -l logzioOTELCollector

If you have additional questions about managing your Telemetry Collector, contact’s Support team.

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