Troubleshooting your applications and systems just got easier with the help of Log Highlighter.

Log Highlighter lets you mark one or more log lines and view them in a separate dashboard, helping you analyze and detect issues quicker.

You can share your highlighted logs with your team members or save them for future reference.

Log highlighter

Using Log Highlighter

Navigate to your Log analytics Discover view.

Filter or search for the relevant logs you want to view.

You can highlight a log by clicking on the thumb pin icon next to it or by holding CTRL/CMD + mouse click.

Once you have one or more log lines highlighted, a menu will pop up where you can view all logs, view just the highlighted logs, or clear your selection.

Click on Show highlights to focus your view on your highlighted logs.

Log highlight to dashboard

To remove a log line from your highlighted logs, click on the push pin icon or hold the CTRL/CMD + mouse click. You can clear all highlighted logs by clicking on Clear highlights.

Sharing highlighted logs

You can share your highlighted logs from the main log analytics Discover view or from the Show highlights dashboard.

Click on Share > Copy Link to share your current view. If you want to share the data with members outside your team, ensure you toggle the Share Public option before copying the link.

If you’re viewing your logs in a short timeframe, such as Last 15 minutes, it’s best to share only your highlighted logs dashboard. Sharing the main log analytics Discover view with the highlighted logs inside it may require users to scroll down and search for the highlighted logs.

Share log highlights